Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Younger Years

I remember as a kid growing up, my childhood was filled with imaginative play and music.

Imaginative play: came from avidly watching cartoons and kid drama's among the fave; Power Rangers, Ultraman, Spiderman and Thundercats.

As a young ling, I remember the many countless hours in the afternoon I would spend running around the house fighting invisible monsters, smashing down my grandma's Martian Hibiscus plant and demonstorizing my man-eating Japanese Koi Fish pond. lol.... 'twas fun I have to say.

Music: Ah... this one I have to give sole credit to my daddy. Just thinking about my younger years draws my tears. I remember how he used to lay me on his lap, sometimes even accommodating the 4 of us siblings, put on classical music (Paul Mauriat - Love is Blue) or disco funk vibes (the BeeGees mainly).

First Musical Discovery

I remember being sick before my first examinations, crying and screaming in frustration and anxiety. He was just about to go to work and I was trying to convince him about the negative aspects and the intense pressure that examinations can (supposedly... lol) have on young children. After putting on his tie, he bent over, wiped my crocodile tears and whispered in my ear.

" Son, when in doubt or fear... just hum your favourite tune and charge on", then he continued to hum that tune from the BeeGees (how deep is your love?).

Truly inspired me to be worry-free, kind of how I have developed a no-stage-fright state of mind for whenever I perform.

Thanks Dad.

Second Musical Experience

I have to tell you about my mother. Like everyone else, I think she's an angel sent from heaven. I think she's the perfect woman in my life. Although yes, as a growing teenage boy, did make her life a tad bit miserable with my intolerable adolescent behaviour.

As far back as I can recall, I'm quite sure she was and will always be the root of my love. My love for music.

She sang me to sleep every night and I can still recall one of the many hymns that inspired my dreams as a young child. Don't know the name but take a look at what my memory can serve up:

Far beyond the star,
My soul is longing to go,
And there beyond the star to a better place I know,
Through the darkest night,
I can see the heavenly glow.. far away, far away beyond the star.

Time, ages of time, yes it's my time, so dear.
The bells, ringing their chimes, warning the hour is near.
The road leads far away and so the day disappears.
So I sing unto you Hallelujah.

Never could find the song, the writer, nothing.. for all I know my mother could have made it up.
If you do find it or have heard of it, have any info on the song let me know!

Third musical experience

For as long as I know, I have always loved and longed to play the guitar. Probably my uncle Charles had me first amazed when he played Wild Horses, and told me there was this legend by the name of Keith Richards.

My mom bought me my first classical guitar and put me through classes once a week at Guitar Collection, Damansara. After having gone through a year of classes, my parents both abruptly stopped me from classes for reason I have yet to discover ( probably cause I was constantly locked in my room playing ) but I somehow or another managed to pick it up on my own.

At the age of ten, being a hardcore Moffatts fan at that time...
I sorta played around with chords C, G, Am, F and using experiences or influences thus far came up with a little jingle I called Fantasy Land


Have you ever been to a place called fantasy land,
Where all your wishes and your dreams can come true,
I can take you there if you give me your hands,
Cause I know just how to get there, all you have to use is your imagination.

Short, cute, corny? I know I was 10 and really proud of my composition.

My my how I've grown.

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