Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gypsy Girl

This one is a knock- out! (Journal entry of the current song composition I’m working on)

It was a big party weekend for me, parties in the city, and parties in the neighborhood. INTENSE!

Among the tremendous fatigue from the late nights and amidst catching up with the friends, I met this girl, trust me the kind that’s truly hard to find. One of the many rare diamonds you only chance upon if you’re willing to stick your head in the sand. Well, maybe not your cup of coffee but she was quite the eccentric.

She had a mind of her own and the most intriguing part of her is that I still don’t know her well enough or as well as I would like to though ;). She let me into her head but I couldn’t reach the core, her soul.
Do you understand these things I’m saying? I don’t myself, baffling! She had me rolling all over my bed that night, up into the wee hours of morning, trying to decipher what this lady was built on, what drives her, what makes her tick..

I’m not going to mention her name though because:
1. She doesn’t know I’m doing this and I respect her privacy (probably kill me if she found out)
2. Her name is simply too long, and I’m a lazy bugger.

Anyway, I’m plainly going to refer to her as Twirly.

I hate to say it, but apart from every other girl I’ve known, *sigh* well some to say the least apart from all of them, not many have inspired me to write beautiful love songs. I’m the imaginative kind so it does take a lot of falling in love to write them.

I’m also known to have feminine type emotions so it’s pretty easy, when inspired, communicate these emotions. (I’ve also written a lot of other sad, depressing songs about heartbreak and heartache in the past that I will post in due time, you’ll notice the difference. Don’t get me wrong they are good songs! Just, well for the emotional sort.)

Thinking about this one girl and the things she told me got my musical notes hitting pitches and painting pictures that bewilder me as well. Pretty intense stuff and I’m also really happy that the song’s coming out really well.

I spent my afternoon Lunch break on Monday, humming the tune and thinking of her…. Words suddenly came together. Herman (my 14 year old younger brother who I believe is a musical prodigy who’s beyond me) helped me out with the vocal arrangements, bass riffs and piano riffs. Still in development but what’s ready for your reading and HOPEFULLY listening pleasure is the lyrics body of the song.

There are also some pictures Herman helped me take. (All this is part of my initiative to document my writing for the first time ever, probably for future reference)

Gypsy Girl

Think I’ve finally lost my mind,My heads like a broken recorder that’s stuck in rewind,
She came to me just like an advertisement,
Caught my attention then she split in a second.

Oh! My defenses fell apart, right from the start,Is this feeling really being generated from my heart…… Gypsy Girl

I picture you dancing on the street so free,
Your everything and anything this poor boy wants to be,
You can tell me you don’t like it but I love the way your hair twirls,
You’re an enchanting story waiting to be unfurled,
Did I mention your smile so captivating?
Don’t you think it’d be devastating if you don’t let this boy into your world?
Gypsy girl

Need to tell you baby that you look divine,Or maybe it’s just me after several cheap but proper bottles of wine,Run along where you have to, don’t matter cause I know I’ll see you again,All I do is trust in God that you remember to not forget my name.

Oh! My defenses fall apart, right from the start,
Is this feeling really being generated from my heart!..... gypsy girl

Still working but that’s the core, the body. There is a lot more to work to do on finalizing the tempo and the entire riff generally.

I'll keep you posted! Cheers and your comments are welcomed!

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