Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Escapades - Gig at no black tie

The Brothers open for Andrew Netto Live

Happened sometime earlier this year, a really good friend of mine, whose probably seen me through various times (both bad and good) ;) in my life, Andrew Netto ( Malaysia's foremost, reputable and youngest stand-up comedian) invited me to open for him at The No Black Tie, KL.

Me, being me, thought it'd be a better idea if we showcased the talents of not only myself but my siblings as well. Herman, 14 (really awesome ear for music this one has, plays bass guitar, piano and might I add completely astounding on vocals, I'll be out of a job soon enough) ;( , and Steven 18, (lead guitar, can sing and produce good music but is sometimes annoyingly shy and negative, he rocks really good when he's in the mood)

I also introduced a friend from Bangladesh ( I know what your thinking, NO he's not a cleaner!) Raihan Hussin whom I believe is a guitar legend in the making. I call him Flash ( cause his fingers move as fast as Slash, but he's no Slash)

We came up with what would be the most interesting set I've ever played 2 guitars and 2 vocals without percussion's:-

1. Sweet Child of mine ( slow and acoustic)

2. Creep

3. Billie Jean ( a little reggae influenced by the Chris Cornell adaptation.

4. Hit me baby one more time. (Yes that is correct! A reggae version with hints of jazz)

5. Encore: Sweet Home Alabama ( Herman Solo) - blew the crowd away and questioned my talent as a singer. :( but really am very proud of the bugger!

Andrew of course took the show by storm and had everyone, including my parents, on their toes with his comedic repertoire, cracking us up with "Brick City, reprezennt yo!" -(Wheres that?) *Indian accent* Brickfields la macha.. you wouldn't understand till you watch it live! Freaking Hilarious! I've got him on my "Show Some Love" corner somewhere up on the top corner but still do check out his site ( He has also got an upcoming show at the Groove Junction next week as well if you check out the flyer for more info.

We had some fun and I found somewhat the feeling I've been longing for from the crowd but not just enough (check previous posts on my music experiences) .. I still continue to roam and search the earth for that thrill and exhilaration...

Thanks Andrew for the opportunity! Hopefully I return the favor someday!

and also Thanks to all who showed up.. will definitely post upcoming gigs and events in future!

I mean now that I've got this blog thing set up....



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