Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Premature in Penang

Wasn't doing to well in school, got a little distracted by the want and neccessity, thriving attention. Got involved with alot of bad activities in school and mum thought it best to relocate the family and start over in hopes of not losing me.

I really pushed my family to the ultimate edge come to think about it but I guess with the grace of God, they thankfully never gave up on me. Never.

My friends in Penang heavily influenced me into listening to hip-hop and educated me on it's culture because I always thought it was in someway just black music and anyone else who recreated anyform of hip-hop or rnb was simply copying and had no standard whatsoever compared to how the blacks did it with alot of soul.

I stood corrected when I met KS and KW, two chinese twins who inspired me to listen to Tupac and discover how poetic and inspirational, although at times abusive hip-hop music could be. It channeled emotions both aggressive and compassionate. Seemed interesting so I asked them if they could produce a beat and let me work some magic with it ( KS being a dynamic DJ and his brother a rap writer).

Dasha Loga, was our established young crooner who swept us of our feet with her melting belting vocals. Being the daughter of Malaysian Music Pioneer, the late Loga of the Alleycats, at 17 we knew she was on a journey of her own, charting her way in this tribulous industry we call music.

I wrote this song "the Love We Had" being inspired by Tupac's "do for love" and Biggie's "Big Papa". Contradicting influences? I know, I still love the artistic aspect of em' both yanowataimsayin' ? ;)


Although it doesn't mention, thats ME on the male vocals, tryna do a combination I called snooPAC.

Peace out, A town!

check out the URL and scroll down and look for The Love We Had feat. Dasha (sample)
never got to finishing it though. Sad.

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