Monday, June 23, 2008

Escapades - No Black Tie #2

Once again! I got the call back to open for Andrew Netto (I think I should start blogging for him though because I’m constantly showcasing the bugger! But hey, his shows are well worth it and I’m the wicked sales ****!).

This show is, I believe going to be epic because I’ve decided to give you a full-on show instead of the normal acoustic bypass.

Going to be trying this new idea of having a short musical skit, sort of a theatric performance with merely a 5-piece band, (no props, no lighting, no backstage, no costumes, no make-up, no positions…. Just pure drama and songs avant-garde)

An idea of an idiot whose been dwelling on it, sitting on it, for the past couple of months.

It will definitely revolve around some conventional covers delivered in the most peculiar manner and also highlighting some of our compositions. Also is an informal debut of the COMPLETED Hey Gypsy Girl (check previous blogs for more info on the song)

Well, this phenomenal project requires that of talent and sheer talent I have found, collaborating with another influential and gifted artist Kishore Ramdas on vocals,
His help and input in some of our creations have been ecstatic with his infusion of comedy with my much acclaimed heart-in-blender soul is ….killer!

The band line-up as of now:-

Stevie Ramanado - Lead guitar/ Backing vocals

Herman Ramanado - Bass/Piano/Keyboards/ Vocals

Gregory Ramanado - Rhythm Guitar/ Percussions/Vocals

Kishore Ramdas - Percussions/Vocals

Unidentified - Drums/Percussions

*the “unidentified” is Kishore’s drummer who hopefully can confirm and session with us.

So, please do turn up and support an extraordinary event, extraordinary meaning this is something different and it might be phenomenal or it may not, but still?!
Don’t you wanna be part of something phenomenal? Be part of history in the making? Maybe I’m over my head with this one, but hey.. everyone’s gotta go over their head once in awhile!

8:30pm – 11:30pm

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